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Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : INR 23.93 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Assam - India Ref.No : 27782502
Closing Date : 27 - Mar - 2018
Desludging of septic tanks within the jurisdiction of Medical Department, Howrah for a period of three years.
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : INR 20.63 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Rajasthan - India Ref.No : 27885323
Closing Date : 27 - Mar - 2018
Out sourcing for cleaning, sweeping, Cleaning of drains and other sanitation activities in railway colony Bhilwara (Health unit colony, CPWI colony, ADEN residence colony etc.) and their surrounding areas, collection and disposal of garbage to the dustbins and at the nomnated place by the Railway Administration including all labor, material, tools, plants, uniforms of labor etc. as complete job for a period of one year from the date of commencement of work. (Pucca area 55700 Sqft 2. Kutcha area-135990 Sqft 3. Drains 12 to 24" - 1200Rft 4. Big nallah-4111 Rft 5. Less than 12" -1500 Rft.)
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : INR 13.97 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No : 27887906
Closing Date : 27 - Mar - 2018
cleaning and de-silting of Drains in Railway area Harthala colony, Loco Colony, Bridge No. 1148 & 1149 of on A.M.C. basis for three years.
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : INR 14.50 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Rajasthan - India Ref.No : 27723987
Closing Date : 23 - Mar - 2018
Dewatering of Rainy Water in RUBs nearby in Ajmer-Chittaurgarh and Madar-Haripur section and procuring & loading of material for mansoon reserve in Ajmer-Chittaurgarh Section in Sr.DEN(East)Ajmer jurisdiction.
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : INR 9.54 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Karnataka - India Ref.No : 27934567
Closing Date : 22 - Mar - 2018
Desilting of S.W.Drain from Cipla Factory to HCL in Ward No.05at Jigani TMC
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : INR 19.94 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No : 27951420
Closing Date : 22 - Mar - 2018
Silt Removal & Silt Disposal of Drain by Outsourcing. (Scanned Image – Hindi Tender)
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : Rs. 2.71 Crore (approx.)
Location : Multi State - India Ref.No : 27636357
Closing Date : 21 - Mar - 2018
Repairs to cess in P Way section.
Opening & repairs to Level Crossings in TCR Sub division.
Collection & Training out of Track Ballast at Mavelikkara Depot.
TVC-up gradation of Pit Line – Improvements to Dilapidated Pit Line, Damaged catwalks.
Proposed Re-Girdering of bra No 132 up & Db at km 64/300-400.
Casting of LC paver Slabs.
Clearing of Buses.
Making mp cess & widening of Bank in NCJ-CAPE Section.
Collection & Training out of Track ballast.
Collection & Training out of Track Ballast.
Construction of Compound wall & Entry gate with Illuminated Board for Second Entry at Station.
Aerial Videography on the Entire division Track Covering all route Kilometres & Major site Features using Unmanned Aircraft system.
Strengthening of major Bridge Approaches.
Track work.
Provision of Toilet Block.
Repairs to TI Office, CCI Office & ESM call duty room etc.
Repairs to Renovation complex & TTE’s Rooms for Accommodating for TI & AA Office Including Conversion of Queuing Hall.
Repairs to Mini Repair shed of Electrical Department.
Repairs to Fencing.
Renovation of Compound wall.
Hiring of 10 Tonne lorry for SSE.
Interlocking of LC nos 45 & 46 in OCR-KPY Section.
Construction of S&T Buildings.
Interlocking of LC nos 49 in OCR-KPY & 57 in KPY-STKT Section.
Construction of S&T Buildings.
Interlocking of LC nos 4 in TVC-NEM & 13 in KZT-PASA Section.
Hiring of 10 Tonne Lorry.
Repairs to Two Wheelers shed.
Repairs works of Drain Infront of ORH like Desilting, Raising side walls, Covering etc.
Casual Renewal of Broken Track, Bridge, Bridge Approach & Point Crossing PSC Sleepers.
Hiring of Road Vehicle.
Hiring of Road Vehicle.
Extension of PF no 1.
Raising & Extension of PF no 1 & 2. Etc.
Sector : Railway Ancillaries Tender Value : INR 1.30 Crore (approx.)
Location : Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No : 27659961
Closing Date : 21 - Mar - 2018
23 unskilled persons required for door to door collection of garbage duly segregated into dry & wet types from 715 Railway Quarters of West colony Bina, and transporting the collected garbage into the nearby dustbins at various locations of the colony by hand trolley and sweeping of the common places , roads and grounds of the west colony and Railway Hospital premises and cutting/ cleaning of dry herbs and grasses up to three feet both sides of open drains with cleaning of the open drains of west colony and final disposal of the collected waste and garbage from the dustbins of the both east and west colonies & railway hospital to the trenching ground nominated by municipal corporation Bina, strictly following the guidelines, rules & regulation of M.P Pollution control board and sprinkling of deodorant & insecticide powder at the cleaned dustbin
Sector : Insurance Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Gujarat - India Ref.No : 27853653
Closing Date : 21 - Mar - 2018
Supply Of Furniture And Fixtures, Furniture And Fittings (wooden And Iron) Safes, Fire/Water Proof Storage Equipments, Policy Racks, Purchase Of Water Cooler, Water Purifiers, Air Coolers, Photo Copier Machine, Weighing Machines, Telecommunication Equipments Such As Epabx, Fax, Intercom Etc. Note Counting Machine, Fake Note Detectores,
Making Of Glow Sign Back Lit Board, Flex Board, Foam Sheet Board, Employees Name Plate, Information Display Board Etc.
Purchase Of Electrical Items Like Fans, Emergency Light, Wall Clock Etc.
Annual Maintenance Contract For Water Cooler, Air Coolers, Water Purifiers, Ro Systems, Aqua Guard, Copier Machine, Note Counting Machine, Epabx, Fake Note Detectors, Fax Machine Etc.
Providing Of Security Systems, Cctv Cameras And Its Maintenance.
Pest Control, Rat Control, Termite Control Etc. Services.
Printing And Stationary – Printing And Stationary Such As Forms Paper Etc. Table And Office Stationary, Computer Stationary, Envelops, Pvc Plastic Wallets, Folder, It Consumables, Computer Peripherals Such As Cartridges, Printer Ribbons, Print Heads, Laptop Batteries Charger Etc. Printing Of Identity Cards For Out Employees, Rubber Stamps Computer Nylo Stamps, Binding Work, Estate Related Matter – Housekeeping And Maintenance Services For Office Premises Guest House, Drainage Cleaning Services, Lift Man Services, Waste Paper Purchase With Lifting Services, News Paper Advertising Agencies, Supply Of Cleaning Material, Laundry Services, Drinking Water, Security Services, Fire Extinguishers Including Refilling, Cleaning Of Undre Ground And Over Head Water Tanks, Gardening /mali Etc.
Other Items Railway And Air Ticket Booking, Courier Service,
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Karnataka - India Ref.No : 27892287
Closing Date : 21 - Mar - 2018
Construction of sewerage.
Construction of CC roads.
Removal of silt and road development works.
Remaining development work of play ground.(Scanned Image - Kannada Tender)
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