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>> Industry - House / Building
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : INR 3.30 Lakhs
Location : Rajasthan - India Ref.No : 29772853
Closing Date : 04 - May - 2019
Construction of Toilet at Village Panchayat Lohagaral.
Sector : Civil Works Tender Value : INR 4.98 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Kerala - India Ref.No : 29060179
Closing Date : 02 - May - 2019
Balance Truss Work and Construction of Cabin in Police Station Karimkunnam .
Sector : Commercial Vehicles Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Punjab - India Ref.No : 26874312
Closing Date : 31 - Dec - 2018
Construction / Development of Vehicle Stock Yard at village Amalgam involving Civil work like Boundary wall, office & related sanitary, plumbing, electrical, roads, pavements and other allied works,
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Assam - India Ref.No : 26747449
Closing Date : 29 - Dec - 2018
Repair and renovation of office room cum toilet block.
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : INR 40.90 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Karnataka - India Ref.No : 26782108
Closing Date : 28 - Dec - 2018
Construction of 2rooms GHP School Shakapur 1room Gumagera Ryavanaki and Jalihal villages in Kushtagi Tq
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : INR 13.38 Crore (approx.)
Location : Bihar - India Ref.No : 26750252
Closing Date : 17 - Dec - 2018
Construction of Integrated training school at Katihar for Engineering and Traffic Department.
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : INR 7.22 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Karnataka - India Ref.No : 28392095
Closing Date : 21 - Nov - 2018
Construction Of Class Room For Ghps Urdu School Of Saunshi Village In Kundgol Taluk Of District.
Sector : Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tender Value : N.A.
Location : West Bengal - India Ref.No : 25808211
Closing Date : 19 - Nov - 2018
Establishment Of District Meter Areas In Anandapur Area And Patuli Area (ward Nos 108, 107(Part), 110 (part), 101 (part) And 102 (part) (tentative Number Of Dmas = 17 Nos)
Providing D.I.K-7 Grade Pipes With Internal Cement Mortar Lining Of Assorted Diameters Between 100 Mm Dia To 300 Mm Dia
Providing Ms Pipes Of Assorted Diameters Between 300 Mm Dia To 600 Mm Dia For Water Loss Management
Providing Hdpe Pipes Of Assorted Diameters Between 100 Mm Dia To 200 Mm Dia
Providing And Supplying Gi & Mdpe Pipes Of Assorted Diameters Between 15 Mm To 40 Mm For Domestic Connection
Supply And Installation Of Various Types Of Valves Of Assorted Diameters
Supply And Installation Of Domestic Water Meters Of Assorted Diameters
Water Loss Reduction (nrw), Management Services And Operation And Maintenance Services For Anandapur Area And Patuli Area For A Period Of 3 Years
Sector : Shipping Tender Value : INR 3.60 Crore (approx.)
Location : West Bengal - India Ref.No : 29368065
Closing Date : 28 - Sep - 2018
Periodical Renovation Of Jawahar Tower Building & Cash Counter, Connector Building, Annex Building Garage Building, Repairing Of Peripheral Concrete Road Around Garage Building And Beautification Of Pond At Jawahar Tower Campus, Hdc
Sector : Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Rajasthan - India Ref.No : 28910376
Closing Date : 17 - Sep - 2018
Erection of forty stalls each stall measuring 10' x 10' and on raised of prefabricated octonorm with roofing of CGI sheets along with one stall of 10'x15' size for cooking and retiring of beneficiaries to be erected 50 meters away from main stalls with fire fighting equipments, in the city of kala academy.* Supply of items – furniture and furnishing which includes two chairs, two tables covered with fine cloth, complete flooring, carpeting, four new blankets, two mattresses, two unused bed covers, two unused bed sheets with two pillows for each stall, round the clock uninterrupted electric supply with generator facility in case of power break down during the period of exhibition, complete shock proof electric fittings with two tube lights and two electric points with one fan for each stall, adequate hygienic drinking water facility, five banners of size 10'x4', two banners of size of 2'x2' for each stall, decorative gate with flex / banner to be installed, perfect and fool proof security wall / security arrangement for safety of goods / belongings of the loanee beneficiaries, sufficient toilet and wash room facility round the clock, curtains for privacy on the stalls during night hours, decorative cloth for decoration of stalls together with shalves in each stall.
publicity / advertisement about the exhibition two days ahead of the start of exhibition and during all the ten days of exhibition though pamphlets, leading newspapers on daily basis, audio publicity in light vehicle around ciyu and through local television / radio channels.
refreshment tea for general and high tea for VIPs at the time of inaugural ceremony of the exhibition along-with a separate canopy for serving high tea to the VIPs.
amusement park inside the exhibition premises with at least four entertainment items for children.
decorative canopy in the centre of the exhibition premises with stage and seating arrangement for 150 persons in the front of stage during the days of exhibition and inaugural function.
proper carpet flooring around the stalls and in the centre.
providing of fire fighting equipment for each stall.
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