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>> Industry - Plumbing/Sanitary Work
Sector : Civil Works Tender Value : INR 1.54 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Kerala - India Ref.No : 20613002
Closing Date : 03 - Dec - 2019
Annual Repairs for the year 2016-17 to College Building A to G Block attached to Govt. Medical college, Kozhikode- Repairs to doors, sanitary and water supply arrangements.
Sector : Commercial Vehicles Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Punjab - India Ref.No : 26874312
Closing Date : 31 - Dec - 2018
Construction / Development of Vehicle Stock Yard at village Amalgam involving Civil work like Boundary wall, office & related sanitary, plumbing, electrical, roads, pavements and other allied works,
Sector : Animal and Animal Feeds Tender Value : INR 14.59 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Assam - India Ref.No : 27423419
Closing Date : 13 - May - 2018
Re-construction of VAS. Quarters including water supply and sanitary installation, internal / external service connection etc. complete at State Vety. Hospital/Dispy. Complex.
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Chhattisgarh - India Ref.No : 27888748
Closing Date : 15 - Apr - 2018
Registration firm for Supply of computer and material,electric equipment, TV and visual equipment, furniture, stationery, books, lab material, painting material, construction material, toner, cartridge, cleaning material, education related material, music item audio visual item, sports material, water cooler, RO.
annual maintenance contract of photocopy machine, cctv camera, computer.
Providing service of security, cleaning, gardening, welding works, iron grill, window glass, printing work, plumber work, photograph videography, lcd, water cooler, air conditioner, RO.
Repairing work of furniture, electric, civil water supply RO. (Scanned Image – Hindi Tender)
Sector : Bridges Tender Value : N.A.
Location : West Bengal - India Ref.No : 27273339
Closing Date : 31 - Mar - 2018
Preparation of detailed estimate with working drawings of civil electrical fire sanitary and plumbing and furniture and technical specification for the vacant office space at 2nd floor hall-1 & 2 of EIC holding ltd.
Sector : Civil Works Tender Value : INR 5 Lakhs
Location : Chhattisgarh - India Ref.No : 27576546
Closing Date : 31 - Mar - 2018
Maintenance, special repair, MOW/deposit work of building.
Plaster, sanitary fitting, septic tank, sepage repair and other repairing work in residential building.
Repairing of window and mosquito net fixing work of office building.
special repairing work of road, bridge, culvert. (Scanned Image – Hindi Tender)
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Punjab - India Ref.No : 27608164
Closing Date : 31 - Mar - 2018
Registration/renewal of Firms for the session 2018-19 for the procurement of articles/hiring of services viz. Library Books, Stationery, Printing & Publication, Procurement of Computer Hardware/Software's/Networking and its AMC Printers/UPS/ AC/CCTVs etc., All Science Lab Equipment's consumable & Nonconsumables, Teaching Aids (White/Green/Magnetic Boards etc), Hardware/ Sanitary/Electrical & other Building Material, M & R of Building, Tent & Catering/Canteen services, Sports & Musical Articles, Trophies & Medals, Wooden & Steel Furniture's & its repairs, Newspapers & Magazines, Outsourcing agency services (Sanitary/Security & Gardening/Skilled/ unskilled labour, Printing & Publications, Hiring of dresses on different occasions, AMC & procurement of AC/Water Purifier/Coolers/ Photocopier/ CCTVs & RISO, Transportation facilities, Maintenance of Water Motors, Purchase of Seasonal Plants & Pots, Flex Board Printing etc.
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Gujarat - India Ref.No : 27856747
Closing Date : 31 - Mar - 2018
Supply of lab equipments and chemicals, games and sports materials, Printing of students diary, vidhyalaya patrika, pamphlets, registers, question papers, certificates, cards etc., Stationery for vidhyalaya, Security, conservancy and gardening services, swings ladder and other items for children park, civil petty construction, labour contract (maintenance and repair/new) for fabrication, civil electrical and masonry work, Catering services, Loading and boarding, Stage/Mandap decoration sound system, Hiring of shamiyana, photography and videography including I cards, AMC of computers, printers, computer peripherals (hardware and software items), AMC of xerox machines, RISO machine, AMC of CCTVs, repair of air conditioners, electrical maintenance, welding service, Supply of Electrical materials, Teaching aids materials, scouts and guides materials, dance contumes/dresses on rent, hardware and sanitary materials, Musical Instruments, Supply of library books, and magazines, Maths lab, equipments, Supply of Furniture, Carpenter services, Plumber services and plumbing materials, Transport services (bus and car), Labour of whitewash/distempering/colouring of vidhyalaya, materials for whitewash/distempering/colouring of vidhyalaya, Supply of fire Extinguisher/refilling of fire extinguishers, Supply of Air conditioners, scrap/disposal of raddi.
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : INR 4.60 Crore
Location : Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No : 27955057
Closing Date : 28 - Mar - 2018
Underground drainage connecting housing connectivity ( Indoor plumbing) work (8618 sewage housing links) in Tiruvallur municipality.(Scanned imaged - Tamil tender)
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : INR 46 Lakhs
Location : Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No : 27966124
Closing Date : 28 - Mar - 2018
Providing interlink Connection between inner premises of resident and chamber for house service connection 8618 Nos. to Truvalur.
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