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>> Industry - Plumbing/Sanitary Work
Sector : Civil Works Tender Value : INR 1.54 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Kerala - India Ref.No : 20613002
Closing Date : 03 - Dec - 2019
Annual Repairs for the year 2016-17 to College Building A to G Block attached to Govt. Medical college, Kozhikode- Repairs to doors, sanitary and water supply arrangements.
Sector : Commercial Vehicles Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Punjab - India Ref.No : 26874312
Closing Date : 31 - Dec - 2018
Construction / Development of Vehicle Stock Yard at village Amalgam involving Civil work like Boundary wall, office & related sanitary, plumbing, electrical, roads, pavements and other allied works,
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : INR 17.22 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No : 28399193
Closing Date : 23 - Aug - 2018
Providing of Electrician/Plumber & Helper for Maintenance & Operation of Light & Fountain of Electric Arrangement. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : INR 29 Thousand (approx.)
Location : West Bengal - India Ref.No : 28432754
Closing Date : 16 - Aug - 2018
Renovation of Toilet door with sanitary fittings of 1st Floor toilet block of Unit Building No. 5 of SAP 8th Bn., BKP.
Sector : Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 30044170
Closing Date : 31 - Jul - 2018
Interior decoration and renovation/ Civil Work. 2. AJI types of Furniture Supplier / Manufacturer.
License holder Plumber.
License holder Electricians.
Supplier I Manufacturer of Sign Board/Display Board/ Name Board.
Supplier / Manufacturer of Water cooler.
Supplier I Manufacturer of Air Cooling System 8. Supplier of stationary of Office and Computers.
Security Printer for banking printing stationary/Art Work, Design I Rubber Stamp maker.
Supplier of Note Counting and Fake Note Detection Machne.
Supplier of Toner, Ribbon.
Suppfcer of Telephone, Fax, Intercom.
Supplier of CCTV, Bio-metric and Video Conference System 14. Supplier of Chairs.
House Keeping Contractor.
suppliers of Human Resource Services for Data Entry Operator, Peons, Drivers and Security Guards etc.
Suppliers of vehicles on rent basis.
Contractors of Courier Services.
Contractors of Pest Control Services.
suppliers / Manufacturers of F i r e E x t i n g u i s h e r s .
Contractors of Document Scanning and DMS Services.
Supplier of Storage System for Bank records.
Supplier Safe, and Safe Deposit Lockers.
Contractor for Event Management Services.
Contractor of advertisement service and press notes.
Advertisement Contractor.
Loan Recovery Services.
Purchaser for waste and scrap items.
Photocopy and Computer Printout service Provider.
Tailoring service provider.
Supplier for fuel.
Suppliers I Contrator for repairs and maintenance services of varies types of Machines and Equipments.
A/C Machines and MC Units.
Safe Deposit Locker & Safe.
Note Counting & Detecton Machine.
Water Cooler.
CCTV and Bio Metric System & Video Conference System.
Fire Extingushores.
Display I Name Board/ Token Indicator Repair.
Supplier of computer systems application software system integrators.
Web designing and web management service provider.
Supply installation commissioning and maintenance of computer hardware peripherals, operating systems and database .
Supply installation commissioning and maintenance of ATM, KIOSK, POS.
Supply installation commissioning and maintenance of networking systems I equipment.
Supply installation commissioning and maintenance of UPS systems and battery. 7. FMS provider for computer systems.
Erection and maintenance of Data center and service provider for DR.
supply installation commissioning and maintenance of financial switch.
Annual maintenance contract for payment HUB management service. 11. IS Audit.
IT Consultant.
Network integrator for supply and commissioning of connectivity link on ISDN/CDMA/MPLS ETC.
DATA Cabling.
Broker List for Investment Trading.
Architect (PMC/Self Redevelopment).
Chartered Accountants.
Advocates / Legal Adviser.
Gold Valuer.
System Auditor.
Valuer for Property Housing & Vehicle.
Computer Expert.
Tax Adviser 11. PMC-(CCTV. Bio- Metrik. Video Conference etc.).
Insurance - onsultant.
Note Counting (PMC).
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : INR 6 Crore
Location : Multi State - India Ref.No : 29538494
Closing Date : 30 - Jul - 2018
Civil works, Finishing, PH and Facade works of Building for Radiation Medicine Research Centre.
Area development and allied works around Engg. Hall-7 and other Sea side Building North Site.
Refurbishing of Shahabad Stones Footpath, kerb Stone, water table in Central Avenue road from DEED to South Gate and development works at S-88, South Site.
Internal Painting og various Seas side Building, North Site.
Construction of RCC Tree Guard around trees from fencing gate to TVS along the road.
Providing and applying Elastomeric waterproofing treatment over terrace of FISBI, TSD, DEF Building and other sea side building at North Site.
Modification of Vigil center and miscellaneous Civil work at north Gate, BARC.
Cosmetic Maintenance of Civil Engineering Division Building for Year 2018-2019, North Site.
Annual maintenance of plumbing works to entire South Site for year 2018-19, BARC.
Sector : Civil Works Tender Value : INR 61.07 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Himachal Pradesh - India Ref.No : 30000061
Closing Date : 25 - Jul - 2018
Construction of Sub Tehsil cum building cum residence at Namhol.
Construction of Office building upto first floor level including WS and SI etc.
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : N.A.
Location : West Bengal - India Ref.No : 30100825
Closing Date : 24 - Jul - 2018
Renovation Works of Door, Window, Plumbing etc. of Type A and Type B Quarters at Sub – Station (Package – I).
Renovation Works of Door, Window, Plumbing etc. of Type C and Type D Quarters at Sub Station (Package II).
Construction of PEB Store Building for GIS Spares at Rangpo & New Melli Sub Station (Package – A).
Construction of PEB Store Building for GIS Spares at Various Sub Station (Package – B).
Construction of PEB Store Building for GIS Spares at Various Sub – Station (Package – C).
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : INR 1.20 Crore
Location : West Bengal - India Ref.No : 30061460
Closing Date : 20 - Jul - 2018
Zone No.25 (General Zone & Road Zone)under AEN/Bolpur,P.E.30.06.2019[ Jurisdiction-From Km. 1/0 (Ex. Khana) to Km 98/0 (excluding Rampurhat station).The work includes the General Work, Sanitary Work, Wood Work, Road Work etc. under the Jurisdiction of AEN/BHP.
Sector : Health Services/Equipments Tender Value : INR 19.16 Lakhs
Location : Chhattisgarh - India Ref.No : 30067763
Closing Date : 20 - Jul - 2018
Laying, jointing work of upvc pipe line, GI pipe and interconnection related all civil work, valve chamber, stand post including testing and trial etc. (Scanned Image – Hindi Tender)
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