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>> Industry - Water Purification
Sector : Other Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 26945381
Closing Date : 29 - Dec - 2018
Auction Sale Of Scrap Old Used Office Furniture Consisting Chairs (approx. 175 Nos), Tables (approx. 130 Nos), Air Condistions (approx. 13 Nos), Telephones (approx. 48 Nos), Ms Cupboards (approx. 25 Nos), Big/Small Side Racks (approx. 100 Nos), Display Boards- (approx. 6 Nos), Stool-(Approx. 8 Nos), Fans- (approx. 12 Nos), Scanner/Printer- (approx. 5 Nos), Iron/Wood Racks- (approx. 57 Nos), Sofa -(approx. 9 Nos), Teapoy- (approx. 3 Nos), Locker- (approx. 2 Nos), Cpu/Moniter- (approx. 12 Nos), Cubical-( Approx. 13 Nos), Bed-(Approx. 2 Nos), Water Purifire-(Approx. 1 No.), Fridge/Micro-(Approx. 1 No.), Chimney-(Approx. 1 No.) Etc.
Sector : Scientific Instruments Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Goa - India Ref.No : 26428907
Closing Date : 28 - Dec - 2018
Supply and Installation of Microwave Radiometer Profiler, 18mm Steel Wire Rope For Deep Sea Winch For Orv Sagar Kanya, High End Workstation, Gas Panels And Lines, Water Purification System etc.
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 26928371
Closing Date : 19 - Dec - 2018
Mithi River Water Quality Improvement Project Package - 1 Diversion of Dry Weather Flow, Interception, Transfer, Sewage Treatment and Road, Drainage, Electrical, Security System and Allied Works, Design, Build and Operate Contract.
Sector : Health Services/Equipments Tender Value : INR 9 Lakhs
Location : Rajasthan - India Ref.No : 26885878
Closing Date : 18 - Dec - 2018
Construction of Roof top rain water harvesting structures under MJSA Phase-II Urban in Town Nimbahera (Cluster - I) District on turnkey basis.
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No : 31697205
Closing Date : 26 - Nov - 2018
Establishment and Operation of Low Temperature Thermal Desalination (Lttd) Plants of 2x1 Mld Capacity at Tuticorin Thermal Power Station(Ttps)
Sector : Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tender Value : N.A.
Location : West Bengal - India Ref.No : 25808211
Closing Date : 19 - Nov - 2018
Establishment Of District Meter Areas In Anandapur Area And Patuli Area (ward Nos 108, 107(Part), 110 (part), 101 (part) And 102 (part) (tentative Number Of Dmas = 17 Nos)
Providing D.I.K-7 Grade Pipes With Internal Cement Mortar Lining Of Assorted Diameters Between 100 Mm Dia To 300 Mm Dia
Providing Ms Pipes Of Assorted Diameters Between 300 Mm Dia To 600 Mm Dia For Water Loss Management
Providing Hdpe Pipes Of Assorted Diameters Between 100 Mm Dia To 200 Mm Dia
Providing And Supplying Gi & Mdpe Pipes Of Assorted Diameters Between 15 Mm To 40 Mm For Domestic Connection
Supply And Installation Of Various Types Of Valves Of Assorted Diameters
Supply And Installation Of Domestic Water Meters Of Assorted Diameters
Water Loss Reduction (nrw), Management Services And Operation And Maintenance Services For Anandapur Area And Patuli Area For A Period Of 3 Years
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Karnataka - India Ref.No : 31661333
Closing Date : 19 - Nov - 2018
Supply of Medical & General Equipment - 2-D Echo Colour Doppler System- mid high end-02 Nos, Ultrasound machine-01 No, TEE probes-Adult-02 Nos, Pediatric-01 No, Gradient Thermal Cycler-01 No, 80" freezer-01 No, Temporary pacemaker Single Chamber-12 Nos, Temporary pacemaker Dual Chamber-02 Nos, Heart Lung Machine with TCM- 02 Nos, OT Table -02 Nos, ECG machines -06 Nos, TMT Machine-02 Nos, LIS Server for Laboratory-01 No.
Keeping Gel/Column System of Blood Grouping /Cross matching on purchase of reagents on test basis at Blood Bank, SJICR, B.R. Road.
Providing addition alteration of civil, water supply & sanitary and electrical works for establishment of Magnetic Resonance Induction (MRI) units and allied facilities at LGF of SJICR, Premises, B.G. Road.
Providing detailed consultancy for Architectural structural and all other Engineering Services for the proposed construction of 120 bed New Hospital block at SJICR premises, B.G. Road.
Construction of underground water tank including for pump house and water treatment equipment and other allied works for 5.0 lakhs liters capacity at SJICR premises, B.G. Road.
Installation of fully automated ozone and UV water disinfection unit 12,000-14,000 LPD at SJICR premises, B.G. Road.
Construction of car parking lot for Doctor's comprising pavers, M.S. Structures, galvolume iron profile sheet roof (including available materials), concrete roads and allied works at SJICR premises, B.G. Road.
Operation & Maintenance of Medical Gas plant making internal supply of gases installed at new SJICR, KRS Road.
Operation & Maintenance of Steam Boiler Plant 2 x 1.5 T/Hour System installed at new SJICR, KRS Road.
Operation & Maintenance of HVAC System 3 x 200 TR capacity Chillers including allied units installed at new SJICR, KRS Road.
Operation & Maintenance of Electrical Substation, including 2 x 1000 KVA Transformer, MV panel, UG cables, HT panels & LT Panels, 2 x 750 KVA, 1 x 380 KVA DG sets and its allied works and internal Electrification installed at new SJICR, KRS Road.
Operation and maintenance of water pumps, Fire pumps, water treatment plant, R O plant, DM Plant, fire Hydrant & alarm system and allied works installed at new SJICR, KRS Road.
Maintenance of landscape area including ornamental trees, foliage, flower shrubs, ground covers, indoor and outdoor plants etc. at SJICR premises.
Operation & maintenance of electrical substation & allied works at SJIC&R, B.G. Road.
Operating Plasma Sterilizer cost per cycle basis at SJICR, BG Road.
Supply of Medical gases(Oxygen) IP etc.
Operation & Maintenance of Medical Gas equipment & pipeline.
Providing, disinfestations treatment against bedbugs, cockroaches, lizards, honeybees and rodent control treatment inside the building and surrounding areas of SJICR, Bengaluru, Mysuru & SJIC&R's unit at ESICMH, Rajajinagar.
Disposal of Biomedical waste from the exit point of the premises including treatments like shredding, incinerating etc. to handle all types of bio-medical waste at as per biomedical waste (Management & handling) rule 1998.
Providing Security Services.
Providing Housekeeping Services.
Maintenance of Parking Stand.
Supply of essential items on Rate Contract basis.
Annual Maintenance Contract for Medical & General equipment.
Sector : Sugar Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No : 31576921
Closing Date : 15 - Nov - 2018
Dryer House Handling.
Sugar Godown Handling work.
Bagasse Feeding, Shifting works.
Making of Bagasse Bales.
Construction of Column Foundation.
Replacement of Damaged GCI Sheets.
Upgradation work of Boundary wall.
Grouting work of Various Structure Columns of Factory.
Replacement of Damaged Gutter of Power House & Generator House.
Operation work of ETP.
Installation of Foundation & Tap Hut.
Installation & Annual Maintenance Contract of Weighing Scales. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector : Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 31253771
Closing Date : 12 - Nov - 2018
Setting Up of 10 Mld SWRO Desalination Plant (Up-gradable to 20 Mld) Including 7 Years Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Services.
Sector : Water Storage and Supply Tender Value : INR 16.21 Crore (approx.)
Location : Karnataka - India Ref.No : 31482722
Closing Date : 12 - Nov - 2018
Construction of Primary Treatment Units, wet wells, DG Rooms, Chain Link Fencing at Gangasandra, Bheemasandra & Honnenahalli & Providing & laying of Dl rising mains from the wetwells to proposed STP in Tumakuru city Under 2nd Stage UGD Scheme.
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